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Economic Development Bonds

During the 2007 Session of the Idaho Legislature, Idaho Housing was granted the legislative authority to issue bonds and make loans for economic development projects and to extend the borrowing and administrative powers of Idaho Housing to include receipt and administration of private sources of financial assistance for economic development. This Idaho Housing Statement of Policy and Rules sets forth general guidelines and standards for such financings. A separate set of Rules or an amendment to these Rules will be subsequently provided for a "Mini-Bond" bank placement program for small project industrial revenue bonds.

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  Name Community Amount Date Closed

Scentsy, Inc. Economic Development Bonds
Series 2014

Meridian $12,445,242 05/28/14
  Cives Corp. Series 2012A & 2012B
Ucon 10,000,000 11/30/12

Scentsy, Inc.
Meridian 15,720,313 03/07/12

  REL Facilities Project Series 2011 RZF Idaho Falls
 67,815,000  07/01/11
  Karcher Metro Express Nampa $2,557,000 09/13/10
  Commercial Tire Meridian $1,500,000 10/07/10
  Dennis Dillon Fairview Boise $2,146,000 12/14/210
  Scentsy, Inc. Meridian $16,275,000 12/22/10
  TDF Facilities, LLC Idaho Falls $26,185,000 12/29/10
  Foothills Rehabilitation, LLC Idaho Falls $1,066,000 12/30/10
  Ray's Chevron Rexburg $1,601,000 12/30/10