On Friday, October 24 Idaho Housing and Finance Association’s offices will close at 2:00p.m. MDT, 1:00p.m. PDT due to building maintenance. Our staff in Boise and our branch offices will be unavailable by phone that afternoon and you will not be able to leave voice mail messages on our system through the weekend. Also our Lender and Borrower Connections will be inaccessible through Sunday, October 26. Our offices will reopen on Monday, October 27.

Mortgage Revenue Bonds

Mortgage Revenue Bonds (MRBs) are reduced risk investments because, in addition to the mortgage on the property being financed, the bond issue requires cash reserves and other safeguards, giving the investor or bondholder additional assurance that the bond issuer will repay the loan.  These bonds provide low-interest mortgage loans for first-time homebuyers.