Nonprofit Facilities Bonds

Nonprofit Facilities application

Idaho Housing offers a bond that is a financing program for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit Facilities Revenue bonds are issued by Idaho Housing to finance facilities to be owned by qualified nonprofit organizations and do not have to be housing-related. Developments that are or will become governmental facilities, could be financed by other governmental means, or have a religious affiliation are not eligible for financing under this program. In addition, these bonds cannot be used unless they will serve a valid public purpose.

Idaho Housing uses its bond financing and administrative expertise on behalf of qualified Idaho nonprofit organizations to obtain lower-cost, tax-exempt financing, which means large savings in financing costs for nonprofits. Funding guidelines also state that Idaho Housing cannot be held liable for defaults by the users of these bonds, and that the parties benefiting from the financing pay for it.

Nonprofit Facilities Financing Policies

Idaho Housing was first authorized to issue these bonds in 1997 and, to date, has completed the following bond issues:

  Name Community Amount Date Closed

North Star Charter School Refunding Bonds

Eagle  $12,143,156 05/30/14
  Wood River Valley Community YMCA Ketchum $2,000,000 05/30/13
  Legacy Charter School Nampa $2,975,000
  Idaho Arts Charter School Nampa $2,175,000 5/02/12
  Idaho Youth Ranch Boise $4,106,356 12/08/11
  Compass Public Charter School Meridian $5,155,000 09/21/10
  North Star Charter School Eagle $11,775,000 03/10/09
  Anser Charter School Boise $2,700,000 05/22/09
  Wood River Community YMCA Project Ketchum $6,000,000 06/04/09
  Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest Ponderay $1,850,000 06/12/09
  Victory Charter School Nampa $855,000 07/08/09
  YMCA Horsethief Camp Project Cascade $5,800,000 10/27/09
  Riverstone International School Boise $4,627,000 12/30/09
  Idaho Arts Charter School Nampa $7,320,000 02/26/08
  Liberty Charter School Nampa $4,005,000 05/29/08
  The College of Idaho Caldwell $21,455,000 06/09/08
  Victory Charter School Nampa $3,965,000 07/23,/08
  Boise State University Foundation, Inc. Boise $5,058,000 10/14/08
  Rolling Hills Public Charter School Boise $2,500,000 03/01/07
  Hidden Springs Charter School Hidden Springs $5,805,000 03/08/07
  Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest Moscow $1,400,000 03/25/07
  Wood River Community YMCA Ketchum $8,000,000 01/05/07
  Healthwise, Inc. Boise $3,520,000 01/18/06
  Thomas Jefferson Charter School Caldwell $2,600,000 01/31/06
  The Community School Sun Valley $6,000,000 08/16/05
  Pocatello Charter School Pocatello $2,480,000 08/29/05
  Moscow Charter School, Inc. Moscow $752,000 12/20/05
  Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Inc. Boise $465,000 12/22/05
  YMCA of Boise City Boise $3,400,000 10/28/04
  YMCA of Caldwell Caldwell $6,600,000 12/23/04
  Snake River Montessori School Idaho Falls $1,300,000 05/14/03
  North Star Charter School Eagle $935,000 07/11/03
  Wedgewood Terrace Assisted Living Facility Lewiston $4,160,000 02/21/02
  Nampa Charter School Nampa $2,485.000 06/20/02
  Friends of Children and Families, Inc., to refinance Head Start Centers in Glenns Ferry, Mountain Home and Boise, and to finance construction of new Head Start Centers in Meridian and Garden City $1,968,070 12/27/02
  Wedgewood Terrace Assisted Living Facility Lewiston $4,250,000  
  Albertson College of Idaho Caldwell $16,500,000 10/15/01
  Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc., For the MelloDee Thornton Mobile Home Park in Boise $1,350,000 12/21/01
  Snake River Montessori School Idaho Falls $560,000 06/21/00
  Albertson College of Idaho Caldwell $2,000,000 02/18/99
  YMCA of Boise   $6,000,000 04/29/99
  National Oregon-California Trail Museum Montpelier $800,000 11/05/98
  Albertson College of Idaho Caldwell $4,490,000 08/28/97