Plans and Reports

Analysis of Impediments (AI)
The 2011 Idaho Analysis of Impediments (AI) is a report commissioned by Idaho Housing and Finance Association and the Idaho Department of Commerce. Work on the analysis and the statewide stakeholder survey was performed by BBC Research and Consulting. The 2011 AI represents the most comprehensive and robust study to date, and analyzes policies and procedures involving land-use, lending, investment patterns, and complaint data for the state of Idaho.  For more information, click here.

Five-Year Consolidated Plan for HOME, ESG, and CDBG Programs

Idaho Housing and the Idaho Department of Commerce have adopted the 2010-2014 Five-Year Strategic Plan for Housing and Community Development programs (the Plan). Based on Program Year, the Plan identifies housing and community development needs and priorities in Idaho’s non-entitlement communities within the context of the overall economy, HUD allocations, and other available programs and resources. A Program Year for HOME, ESG, and CDBG programs is April 1- March 31.

2010-2014 Five-Year Consolidated Plan (includes Exhibits and 2010 Action Plan)

The Annual Action Plan is the one-year goal-setting document for each of the five years identified in the Plan.

2014 Approved Action Plan

2013 Annual Action Plan

2012 Approved Annual Action Plan

2011 Approved Annual Action Plan

The Annual CAPER is the one-year summary of accomplishments for each of the five years identified in the Consolidated Plan.


2013 CAPER Draft


Final 2012 CAPER Narrative
CDBG Exhibits - Combined
ESG Exhibits Portfolio
HOME Exhibits Portfolio


Adopted 2011 CAPER
2011 CAPER Exhibits


Approved 2010 CAPER
Approved 2010 CAPER Exhibits


2009 CAPER Narrative
2009 CAPER Appendices

All Plans are adopted following the Public Participation Plan (see below), then submitted for review and approval by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.