Fair Housing

Idaho has made great progress in addressing discrimination in housing through a combination of education and enforcement tools. Idaho Housing is proud to participate with all fair housing stakeholders to promote productive cooperation and collaboration. Together we work to create an Idaho where the world is welcome. Below are a few key accomplishments:

Outreach and Education
Idaho Housing's efforts to affirmatively further fair housing include partnering with others to increase awareness of fair housing law through conferences, sponsored training opportunities, and other outreach materials.

The Annual Idaho Fair Housing Forum Conference is coordinated and hosted by Forum members and our many partners. Each year we focus on what housing and community stakeholders need to know about the Fair Housing Act, Support Animals, Reasonable Accommodations and Limited English Proficiency Compliance Requirements. As we move forward, conference topics will expand to consider requirements and implementation of the new Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) template introduced by HUD.  See updates details and registration links at fairhousingforum.org

Fair Housing Videos

View our bilingual animated Public Service Announcements here.
Learn more about fair housing basics, how to recognize discrimination, and what steps to take if you think discrimination has occurred.

Learn more about accessible single-family construction here.

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing and Accessibility
This study evaluates perceived barriers to housing and community resources and/or services in Idaho and serves as the basis for fair housing planning. The AI process will ultimately be replaced by HUD’s Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH).  To read the most current study, click here.

Language Needs Assessment and Access Plan
IHFA periodically updates our Language Needs Assessment and Access plan to help us understand and track the needs of persons with Limited English Proficiency in our program and service areas. Click here to view the most recent version. 

For more information on Fair Housing please visit HUD.GOV (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development).