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Public Housing in Idaho

Section 8 Rental Assistance: Do I Qualify?

Under contract with HUD, Idaho Housing administers federal rental assistance programs that help low-income families and elderly or disabled individuals obtain decent, affordable rental housing.

To be eligible for rental assistance, tenants must qualify under HUD income limits and other eligibility criteria. Tenant incomes, allowances and family compositions are all verified and recertified annually by Idaho Housing staff. Tenants under these programs pay 30 percent of their adjusted gross monthly income for rent and utilities. Or, if they can afford it, a family may choose a unit where their portion of rent and utilities may not exceed 40 percent of their monthly adjusted income. As a tenant’s income changes, the tenant’s rent share changes proportionately.

The demand for rental assistance far exceeds the supply. Applicants are usually placed on waiting lists from two to 24 months, depending on their current housing status and the area of the state. Persons requiring rental assistance can apply at the Idaho Housing Branch Office that serves their region. Idaho Housing branch offices are located in Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, Twin Falls and Idaho Falls. Click here for the Section 8 Rental Assistance Brochures.