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We can help with rent or utility payments!

If you or your renter is unable to pay rent or utilities because of the COVID-19 pandemic or the related economic crisis, short-term emergency assistance may be available.


How to apply

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Am I eligible to receive assistance?

To be eligible, your household must:
• Be an Idaho resident. (If you live in Ada County, you must apply here.)
• Meet the program’s income limits.
• Be unable to pay rent or utilities because of a financial hardship related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am sub-letting my housing from another person, am I eligible?

No. The lease agreement must be with the owner or property manager, not a renter of the leased space.

I’m a homeowner and need help paying my mortgage, can you help me with that type of assistance?

No. The Housing Preservation Program provides assistance to renters who are unable to pay their rent or utilities because of financial hardship related to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you anticipate you’ll have difficulty making your mortgage payment, we encourage you to contact your loan servicer. If you have an Idaho Housing loan, there are options available. Find out more here.

How are applications prioritized?

Generally, applications are processed in the order in which they are received. However, in an effort to serve those in the most dire situations, the following prioritizations have been implemented:
• Households with incomes of less than 50% Area Median Income.
• Households with one or more members who have been unemployed for at least 90 days.

I am in a rent-to-own agreement or own a mobile home, am I eligible for assistance?

Yes, provided a member of your household:
• Is not a signee or co-signee on the mortgage on the property.
• Does not hold the deed or title to the property.
• Has not exercised the option to purchase. Additionally, if you own a manufactured home and have to lease your lot, you may be eligible for the lot/space rent and/or utilities.

If I’ve already received assistance, can I seek additional assistance?

Yes, but you must submit another application to be considered for additional assistance. Eligible households may be assisted for past due rent and/or utilities and up to three months of future rent and/or utilities. Additional assistance may be approved when continued need is demonstrated and eligibility has been re-determined.

How much assistance can I expect?

The amount of assistance received by each household will be based on each household’s circumstance. No household may receive more than a total of 15 months of assistance.

I am not past due yet, but I have experienced a financial hardship because of the pandemic. I know I will not be able to pay my rent next month. Should I apply?

Upon confirming your demonstrated risk and verifying your inability to pay upcoming rent, you will be considered for prospective rent/utility assistance. If you are seeking assistance with only future rent owed, you must wait to apply until 21 days before your rent due date. This is to prioritize applicants with the most urgent need.

My rent is due today, can you submit a payment today?

No. Application review and processing may take up to 7-10 days. We will contact the applicant and payee upon payment approval and issuance. Please allow an additional 7-10 days for delivery by mail.

Will you cover late fees?

Yes. Assistance may cover non-excessive late fees.

Will you negotiate with my utility company/landlord?

No. Idaho Housing and Finance does not negotiate between a renter and their landlord or utility provider. Consider contacting Idaho Legal Aid for legal counsel.

How does the landlord receive payment?

If the payee is an existing Idaho Housing vendor, an electronic payment may be issued. Most payments will be sent via check. Payment should arrive within 7-10 days after notification of an approved application.

I am a landlord/property owner and want to submit an application of behalf of my tenant. What are my obligations?

Complete the application with your tenant’s information. The tenant needs to sign the application, which may be done electronically. You must provide the tenant with a copy of the application that was completed on his/her behalf.

Will Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties, or recipients of other rental subsidies be eligible?

Renters receiving a federal rental assistance payment or subsidy (e.g. Section 8, Housing Choice Voucher, CARES Act) are eligible to receive Housing Preservation Program assistance for the tenant-owed portion of the rent that is not subsidized. Renters living in an income-based property with affordable rents (e.g., Tax Credit property), but not receiving a federal rental subsidy, are also eligible to receive assistance.

What jurisdiction do you cover?

Assistance can be paid in all Idaho counties EXCEPT Ada County. Residents of Ada County should apply through the Boise City/Ada County Housing Authorities here.

Can non-citizens apply?


I don’t know when I will start earning income or when I will be financially stable again, will I still qualify?

Yes. Assistance will not require proof of ability to satisfy future housing expenses.

Will you help cover a rental application fee?

No. The program is designed to assist households with current rent and utility obligations and, on occasion, security deposits.

My landlord is trying to evict me despite bringing my balance current, can they do that?

Idaho Housing does not provide legal counsel. Consider contacting Idaho Legal Aid for legal counsel.

I need a place to stay temporarily, will your funds cover a motel stay?

Yes, provided the household has been temporarily or permanently displaced from its primary residence or does not have a permanent residence elsewhere. Additionally, documentation of the hotel/motel stay must be provided and all other applicable requirements must be met. Assistance cannot include incidental expenses charged for the room (e.g., room service, internet).

Can I be reimbursed for a payment(s) I have already made, but could not afford?


What happens if I don’t have a phone where I can be reached for follow-up?

Applicants must be accessible by either phone or email. Upon submission of your application, you need to ensure that you are regularly checking your email, including the spam/junk folder, for our messages. You may provide a release of information for Idaho Housing to communicate with a representative of yours that has an active phone number or email.

What documents do I need to provide?

Applicants must provide a copy of their lease agreement, a Certification of Program Eligibility (en español) proof of past-due rent or utilities or an eviction notice, proof of income (or lack of income), a government-issued ID, and a Release of Information.

What if I don’t have all the required verification documents?

You may submit an application without attaching all required documentation. However, this will most likely lengthen the screening process. We will contact each applicant within seven business days to request missing information or documentation. Upon submission of your application, please ensure your voicemail box is set up and you can receive messages, and you are regularly checking your email, including spam/junk folder, for our messages.

I do not have any income or recently lost my income. How do I prove this?

In the absence of proof of income or loss of income, you are required to sign the Zero-Loss of Income Certification.

Can I request assistance with my rent and my utilities in the same application?


I don’t have a copy of my lease agreement, can you still help me?

A lease agreement is a required document. You can still submit an application for assistance. However, you should contact your landlord to obtain a copy of your lease agreement. We will contact you within seven days of submitting your application to request a copy of your lease agreement. Upon submission of your application, please ensure your voicemail box is set up and you can receive messages, and you are regularly checking your email, including spam/junk folder, for our messages.

I don’t have an eviction notice yet, and I don’t want one. Can I show you my rental ledger or will a statement from my landlord suffice?

A notice of eviction is not required. A notice from your landlord indicating the amount of past-due rent (and for which period of time) is acceptable documentation. A ledger created by the renter is not sufficient documentation.

I need help applying. What do I do?

The program is equipped to receive assistance requests via telephone. Simply call 1-855-452-0801 and allow the customer service agent to act as your proxy in submitting your application. They will let you know what information and documents are required to receive assistance. Upon review of your application, staff will ask you to supply required documentation via email (, fax (208-600-0527), or mail (P.O. Box 7899, Boise, ID 83707). Local housing authorities, community action agencies, utility companies, libraries, your landlord, churches and local government offices may be able to help you with scanning and submitting documentation via email or fax. All documents must include the applicant’s name and be addressed to the attention of the Housing Preservation Program.

What are the terms of assistance?

By receiving assistance, the tenant and payee agree to the following terms:
• Assistance payments will be made directly to the payee (landlord/utility company).
• The tenant does not intend to vacate the unit during the period of assistance.
• The landlord will not evict the tenant for non-payment of rent or related fees during the period of assistance.
• The tenant has no right to the assistance funds paid. If the unit is vacated during the period of assistance, assistance will be pro-rated and refunded to the program, not the tenant.
• Funds are not to be used for any costs other than rent (e.g., move-out, damage, unit transfer costs, etc.).
• There is not duplicate assistance being paid for the period of assistance.

Disclaimer: Program details may be supplemented or changed by additional guidance from the Secretary of the Treasury or as Idaho Housing and Finance determines necessary. This project is supported, in whole or in part, by federal award number 20-1892-0-1-806 awarded to Idaho Housing and Finance Association by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

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