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Requirements for Homebuyers

New Homebuyer Education Requirements on all Idaho Housing Loans

Homebuyer education is an important program for first-time homebuyers and IdahoHousing strives to provide the most effective product for your homebuyers. Effective October 1, 2015 Finally Home! Homebuyer Education will be required for first-time homebuyers using down payment and closing cost gifts as well as 2nd mortgages in conjunction with any Idaho Housing loan product. Only one certificate is required from the borrower or the co-borrower. We recently updated our Finally Home! online program and continue to upgrade the program to be more interactive and interesting for participants. Homebuyer education is a great resource for anyone interested in purchasing, regardless if they use a gift or a loan for their closing costs or down payment.

Who is required to take Finally Home! Homebuyer Education:

  • Clients who are using any type of down payment and/or closing cost gifts or assistance
    • Certificate is required for either the co-borrower or borrower
  • Clients who will be receiving a 2nd mortgage in conjunction with any Idaho Housing Loan Product
    • Certificate is required for either the co-borrower or borrower
  • Anyone purchasing through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program
    • All parties on the loan must take the LIVE version of Finally Home!
    • All parties on the loan must also receive one-on-one pre-purchase housing counseling from a HUD approved housing counseling agency
    • The combination of the Finally Home! live course and the one-on-one housing counseling must equal a minimum of 8 hours
    • Certificates of completion for both counseling and Finally Home! are required and must be completed prior to closing
  • Some IHFA loan products allow for FICO scores between 610 and 619. Anyone using an IHFA product that has a credit score between 610 and 619 is required to complete Finally Home!
    • Certificates are required for any borrower and/or co-borrower that has a FICO between 610 and 619

Thank you for your support of homebuyer education. If you have any questions, please contact us at or call 1.855.505.4700.